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All things being equal, text-heavy, as opposed to graphics-intensive, web pages will usually achieve better search engine results. It is therefore a good idea to include lots of text on your web pages.

Having said that, there are several tricks that you can use to make your text more effective:-
  • Make sure all the text is actually relevant and on-topic.

    There is no point adding dummy or off-topic text. Not only would this annoy your visitors, possibly get you listed for inappropriate keywords, it can even be counter-productive, as the search engines may consider this to be spamdexing.

  • Try to include complete phrases whenever possible.

    For example, if Joe's Western Store is marketing cowboy boots, it would be better to refer in the text, to cowboy boots rather than simply boots.

  • Consider using alternate spellings or phrases.

    For example, if referring to a cowboy's sidearm, you might use six-shooter, sixshooter, colt 45, etc.

  • Text that is near the top of the HTML code (not necessary the top of the page) will be more likely to have an effect on search engine ranking and indexing.

    Do not confuse "top of the HTML code" with "top of the page as seen on the screen". Search engines see the page as an HTML document (like View Source in your web browser), and do not really consider the layout when determining what's important.

    Consider a page that looks like this:


     Page 1
     Page 2
     Page 3
     Page 4
     Page 5


     Your Text Here
     More Text
     Still More Text

    Search engines won't see the pretty layout, and, because of the way that tables are coded in HTML (left to right, and top to bottom), would actually see the text in this order:-

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4
    Page 5
    Your Text Here
    More Text
    Still More Text

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